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Having served, I know posting season and relocation is a very busy time. There are so many things to consider, including finding a new home for your family. As an experienced REALTOR®, I have picked up many useful tricks I will share for any of you/colleagues/friends who are getting posted this year or are planning in the event of an upcoming posting. Below I have compiled my top House Hunting Tips for you to consider! As usual I am here to answer any of your question so feel free to contact me:


Melanie Leblanc



If you have any ideas or more tips you would like me to share please don’t hesitate!


HHT # 1: Remember the Essentials:

For a smooth DND Relocation house hunting trip don’t forget:

  • You Relocation File Number
  • Your Relocation Rep email
  • Your check book
  • Your Photo ID
  • Easy-to-remove shoes (this sounds silly, but it’s a major time saver!)


HHT Tip # 2: Get Pre-approved for your Mortgage

When you go on your HHT being pre-approved is a MUST. You don’t go shopping and get to the cash register without knowing how much you have in your pocket to pay for your purchase? So, don’t go shop for a home without knowing what you can afford and be comfortable with. With the short period, you have on the ground to chose your house, do the inspections and necessary testing your financial situation should be taken care of prior, you’ll thank me for that one.


HHT Tip # 3: Needs and Wants List

As a previously stated and you know all too well – time is precious during your HHT so make sure you and your REALTOR®, are on the same page about what you NEED and what you WANT before hitting the ground running. No time for miscommunication so this part is always very important.


HHT Tip # 4: Think about Selling while Buying

I CANNOT stress that one enough to all my relocation clients. You have to take the selling into consideration when you buy. The postings and/or affection are usually for a fixed period of time and more than likely won’t be your “forever home”. Once you receive you next posting/affection notice you need to be able to sell your house quickly and your property NEEDS to be appealing to as broad a rage of prospects as possible.


HHT Tip # 5: Be Prepared to Make Fast Decisions

You have a week to find your new house and this is why planning is KEY. Consult and communicate with your REALTOR® on a regular basis prior to your House Hunting Trip.

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