5 Things Buyers Don’t Like To See

When you show your home to prospect buyers, there is aa lot of things you really hope they’ll notice. What about the spacious backyard, the luxurious master bath, the double pave driveway and so on…

What about those things you’re hoping the buyers won’t fixate on?

Every single home has some feature that are less appealing to buyers. You can’t do much about the unfinished basement or a home located on a noisy street, however there are several things buyers don’t want to see that you can change : 


Closets busting from too much clothing, rooms and or basement filled with unorganized box, too much furniture … makes most of the buyers feel uneasy and will convince them that the house is clearly small and lacking storage capability.


You cannot see smell but a lot of buyers will be turned off  by the odor of cigarette smoke, pets and moisture. Make sure you open your windows at least an hour before a showing to create a good air circulation and don’t overload your house with perfume of all sorts (wax burner, febreeze just to name a few).


Houses in need of lots of repairs will most likely get to the bottom of the buyer’s wish list! Make sure your house is in good repair.


When listing a home I will send a professional stagger to make sure your house look as perfect as possible without all your personal belongings that will make most buyers feel like an intruder into your home.

  1. YOU

This is nothing personal but if you want the buyers to feel confortable and at ease while they look around and decide if your house maybe the one for them, having you there will most likely “not intentionally” push them away as they will go around running anxious to get out!

You can deal with all these things easily before your first showing