Let’s be real, transfers are a unique way to move. You:

  • hear through the grapevine a new posting may be in the works but you know nothing is certain, yet {cue major stress}
  • receive your official posting notification
  • connect with your relocation representative to outline logistics
  • start the process of listing your house
  • start planning your house hunting trip
  • find your new home
  • begin moving prep
  • move

You know all these things yet you’re still losing sleep.

You need to work with experienced people who can help guide you through the entire process.

By implementing our proven relocation roadmap and using Melanie’s personal military move experience, you’ll be well prepared to face any moving challenges coming your way.

Melanie and her husband were both members of the military. They faced moves just like you are. During the last 14 years, she has helped hundreds of families moving in and out of Halifax and the surrounding area.

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Melanie LeBlanc Halifax Relocation Specialist