Moving Tips

Prior to Leaving


  • Give forwarding address to Post Office
  • Change address on subscriptions, credit cards, bank statements


  • Notify your company of new location


  • Arrange for cheque cashing in new city
  • Transfer accounts


  • Get any refunds of deposits
  • Arrange for disconnections; gas, water, telephone, etc.


  • Ask for referrals, transfer prescriptions
  • Obtain medical records from your health care professionals


  • Arrange for copies of school records


  • Get information on tags, licences, health records from veterinarian

Moving Day

  • Clearly mark boxes you will need immediately
  • Carry enough cash to cover expenses until a new account is set up
  • Transport jewellery, documents and other valuables yourself
  • Plan for pets travel and arrival to new area
  • Alert close friends/relative of the route and schedule you will travel, for emergency reasons
  • Re-check closets, drawers, etc. to make sure they are all empty
  • Leave old keys on the counter for new owners

Things to Remember

  • Clean out freezer and plan food-use
  • Defrost freezer, use charcoal to absorb odours
  • Service appliances for moving
  • Make arrangements for TV
  • Clean clothing and rugs; have them moving-wrapped
  • Plan with your moving provider
  • Plan for special care of children on Moving Day

At Your New Home

  • Get certified cheque for Closing
  • Check on service of telephone, furnace, etc.
  • Get appliances checked (if applicable)
  • Change address on Driver’s Licence
  • Arrange for medical services