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Why Halifax?

Halifax sits in the center of Nova Scotia’s eastern coastline and offers all the conveniences of a large city while still maintaining that small-town feeling. Its streets are filled with an eclectic mix of new & old and offer all the culture and energy of urban living. Famous for having the highest number of bars and restaurants per capita in Canada, Halifax is filled with unique dining and entertaining experiences. And with 50,000 tons of World Famous Nova Scotia lobster hauled every year, you’ll likely see this delicacy on plenty of menus throughout Nova Scotia.

Prefer nature? Well, Halifax has it in spades too! From amazing hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls to kayaking and scanning the ocean floor, there is no shortage of places to explore. Swimming, sailing, biking, and golfing are often just minutes from home or strolling some of the most beautiful beaches are just a short drive away. In fact, with over 13,000 Km of coastline in all of Nova Scotia, it’s impossible to be more than 67 Km from the ocean & the 41 beaches to be discovered along our shores.

But what makes Halifax truly stand out is the people! It is nothing to walk down the street and be greeted by a stranger or you can see an entire community come together to help a neighbour. Halifax’s hospitality is second to none and that is why it attracts and retains so many people!

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Halifax Climate

Halifax’s weather is strongly influenced by the ocean and offers milder winters and summers that fluctuate from warm to hot all season. The best summer weather is usually in mid to late summer and often runs into early fall. In the winter months, snow is often replaced with milder temperatures and rain, but don’t let that fool you, Halifax is known for a good cold snap too, and can still deliver a fair bit of snow. Fall is often recommended by locals as one of the best times to visit, offering some pretty spectacular and colourful scenes

Halifax History

As one of the first established areas in Canada, Halifax is rich in history and is reflected in many of its museums, festivals and events. It was once, one of the first entry points for European immigration to Canada and it is deeply rooted in Miꞌkmaq heritage. Much of its history can be explored through some of the following attractions:

  • Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
  • Canadian Museum Of Immigration at Pier 21
  • The Africville Museum
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • York Redoubt National Site
  • Black Cultural Center For Nova Scotia

Local Attractions & Events

Halifax is home to many outstanding parks dotted throughout all of Halifax, Dartmouth & Bedford, some offering the most scenic coastal views, and many more set in both the heart of the city & surrounding neighbourhoods. Halifax is a mecca for both retreats of reflection and for an adventure. Enjoy exploring all the unique plants and species at the Halifax Public Gardens, jog through Point Pleasant Park or take a boat ride to explore both Georges Island & McNabs Island.

Halifax’s waterfront is a bustle of activity offering boat tours, local buskers, music & food festivals, as well as dining & drinks on one of the many vibrant harbourfront patios.

12 species of whales are known to swim the waters around Nova Scotia and one of the province’s largest tour operators; Ambassatours offers 2.5-hour whale watching tours departing from the Halifax waterfront. It seems that the whales like our seafood too!

Explore the unique shops of Spring Garden Rd and take in the award-winning architecture of Halifax’s Central Library.

If you run out of local places to visit, there is no shortage of amazing places to travel nearby such as Kejimikujik National Park, Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Cape Breton Highlands, Annapolis Valley, and the hundreds of miles of sandy beaches to explore.

The proximity of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a mere 30 minutes outside the city. It is both the largest and busiest airport east of Montreal & north of Boston.