10 Tips For A Successful House Hunting Trip

*It is important to know that it's NEVER too early to get in touch with REALTORS® once you hear that you may be posted! This is a common mistake. A lot of details can and should be taken care of before getting your transfer/posting message, and this is what we're here to help you with.

1. Select the right REALTOR® for your needs. This is THE MOST important aspect of a successful relocation. The remainder of the relocation process and how seamless the experience will be is greatly affected by this 1st step. The level of expertise, years of experience in relocation, personal experiences with relocation, access to a network of qualified professionals, and the recognition of their peers, are only a few pieces you should consider when selecting the right REALTOR® for you.

2. Get Pre-Approved for your mortgage as soon as possible. Pre-approvals are a MUST for both you and the REALTOR®. With a mortgage pre-approval, you get a very clear picture of what you can afford financially.

3. Get educated on your new market. Again, this is very important, as the buying strategy will be totally different depending on if you are heading into a seller’s market or a buyer’s market one. If you are a buyer in a seller’s market like we are currently in, the competition will be fierce and the purchase price will likely go over the asking price. The more questions you ask will help you build your education. A realistic understanding of this market is crucial, especially as you make a list of your needs and wants.

4. Make a list of your needs & wants. The market status will definitely affect your lists. When buying in a seller’s market, you will have to make a lot more compromises than if you buy in a buyer’s market with tons of inventory to choose from. In a seller’s market, your focus should remain on your needs, with any of the wants considered a bonus!

5. ALWAYS think about selling when buying, in ANY MARKET. I cannot stress this one enough to all my relocation clients. Your posting/affectation is usually for a set period of time, so more than likely this won’t become a forever home. Once you get posted/transferred again, you need to be able to sell your home quickly and your property needs to remain as appealing as possible to a broad range of prospects.

6. Be prepared to make a FAST decision. In “normal times” if you are buying physically, and are not affected by COVID, you have a week to find your new house and this is why planning is KEY. Consultation and communication with your REALTOR® on a regular basis, prior to your HHT, are a priority.

7. Make sure your REALTOR® has a team on-site and ready to go. This can range from Home Inspectors, Lawyers, water testers, etc. These qualified professionals need to be all registered with BGRS or must be extremely knowledgeable with relocation moves and understand the time crunch.

8. Dress comfortably. Try to wear comfortable clothes and slip-on shoes/boots. This makes the showings easy and efficient.

9. Quick RECCE upon arrival. This quick drive around the houses you’ve spotted online, and surrounding neighbourhoods, will be such an eye-opener and will save you so much time! We all know how precious time is, during an HHT.

10. ID and Cash. We will require a Government-issued picture ID for the transaction. Also, make sure you have funds available for the deposit which is required when your offer is accepted.