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RCMP Relocation / House Hunting Trips

From the moment you get wind of a possible relocation to listing your property and planning your house hunting trip, the process can be very stressful, time-consuming and complicated. Working with experienced professionals to guide you through the entire process can ease your mind and make the process much simpler.

At Leblanc & Associates, we have specialized in relocation moves since 2007 and we have worked with many RCMP members moving both in and out of Nova Scotia. Melanie has personally has been through the relocation process, so she truly understands how much is involved and the challenges faced when relocating from away.

Let our extensive experience help you with your moving process and beyond!

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We have a large number of agents that we refer our clients to across the country. If you have a house to sell or you looking to purchase a new home elsewhere, we would be happy to get you in contact with one of our TRUSTED agents!

We have carefully created and curated our Relocation Package to introduce you to Halifax and its surrounding area and to include the most important information about the buying process here in Nova Scotia. Information is power and at Leblanc & Associates, we are proud to share what 15+ years of relocations have tough us! To receive your copy, simply complete the form below and we would be happy to be in touch to send you a copy

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